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Dinom Mining Post Salvage

Trouble on the Efate - Dinom Journey

Dinom Mining Post Salvage

New mission: Go tear apart and salvage a derelict mining post.

The head honcho of Spinward Salvage isn’t the type to rest on his collective laurels, even if the Party just netted the corporation something like 8 billion credits and the not-inconsiderable gratitude of the Scout Service! After all, you also upset one of the Imperium’s largest megacorporations, Ling Standard Products. So he’s sent you out on a new job.

In the Dinom system (just over the border into Lanth subsector) there’s a derelict mining platform in the trailing trojan point of the system’s smaller gas giant. It would be a hazard to navigation if space wasn’t big and if there was actually traffic into the area, but Spinward Salvage was contracted to pull off what’s useful to salvage there, anyway. And as The Damned has a larger cargo capacity than any ship actually owned by Spinward Salvage, Lar Derren chartered it for the mission (the fee? 0.5% of the salvage recovered).

Travelling Rimward on the Spinward Main from Efate to Dinom should have been routine; it’s as heavily-trafficked an area as the Regina Subsector boasts. Unfortunately, the Spinward Marches aren’t particularly safe anywhere, and while refueling at the gas giant in Forboldn system, The Damned was approached by a pirate! Undaunted, the Party decided the best way to handle the situation was one the Pirates would never expect: allow them to board and then, after dispensing with the boarders, execute a counter-boarding to capture the pirate ship!

This was done.

No Party members were harmed in the making of this adventure.

In the end, the Party captured the 400-ton Corsair effectively intact, with an expenditure of 4 rounds of ammunition and a container of hand-flamer fuel. The pirates suffered 2 KIA and 5 wounded out of a compliment of 9, and the Corsair was captured intact.

Personal equipment captured:
3x Boarding Vacc Suits (Armor 8)
6x Improved Cloth (Armor 5)
1x Heavy Revolver (12 HEAP rounds)
5x 9mm Autopistol (29 AP rounds)
3x 10mm Autopistol (12 AP rounds)
2x 7mm Autorifle (18 AP rounds)
3x 5mm Bullpup Carbine
2x Assault Shotgun (7 HEAP rounds)
2x Short Shotgun
12x Cutlass

Craft captured:
400-ton Corsair-class ship Obsession (Jump-2, 3-G, 160t cargo) (Core Rules, pg 129)
30-ton Modular Skiff (Tanker Module) (Sup 2, pg 12)

Cargo captured:
25t Fabricated Plastics (Basic Raw Materials) (list: 7,000/ton)
25t Starship Deckplate (Adv Machine Parts) (list: 50,000/ton)
40t Basic Engine Parts (Basic Machine Parts) (list: 10,000/ton)

Pirates Captured:
Captain Wyor Swallow (bounty: 100,000 Cr)
1st Mate (pilot) Andie Peroni (bounty: 50,000 Cr)
2nd Mate (engineer) Ong Bong Sham (bounty: 50,000 Cr)
3rd Mate (boarder) Urce Firnt (bounty: 75,000 Cr)
Boarder Tio Nwicly (bounty: 50,000 Cr) (dead)
Boarder Maurice Mousse (bounty: 50,000 Cr) (dead)
3x others (Gunners, Engineer) (75,000 Cr total)


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