Space Raj

Dinom Mining Post Salvage, Pt II

Pirate Loot and the Platform itself

The party continues to make out like bandits, by the simple expedient of making off with the stuff Bandits already stole. Duke Norris, Subsector Duke of Jewell and Regina, purchased your Corsair for 90 MCr and a mercenary license! Not a bad deal for all involved. And the Duke, through the offices of Commander “Wiley” Cunningham and others, has let it be known that he’s fairly pleased to have another group of seemingly competent (if foolhardy) mercenaries around his subsectors!

The party went on to use their new mercenary license to buy a Ceithernach-class Huscarle Frigate and to negotiate for the purchase of two Type EP Patrol Escorts! Plus ordering (2) Hotspur-class and (4) Gazelles, but those will take a few months. And brought Wiley into the fold to get the three ships crewed and trained, which he thinks will be done by the time the Party returns from Dinom. All of this for the surprisingly low price of 614 MCr down. Fortunately, you can cover that.

Then the Party went on to Dinom, to carry out their assignment honorably (if quickly) so they could return to free-agent status! After hiring a group of ex-Marines who currently work as salvagers themselves, for the low-low price of 1 MCr. But once inside the derelict mining station, they were accosted by pirates! Pirates with some decent equipment that made them rather hard to kill, though not as hard as the Party & friends.

The Party even managed to capture the pirates’ Ambush Frigate! With only minor casualties. Some members of the Party are no doubt wondering why they bother buying ships when they don’t seem to have trouble stealing them.

Onboard the pirate ship (and around it in the hangar) you discover the pirates’ accumulated loot! It’s actually more than they can store internally, but it’s obvious the pirates have been here for several months, and being surprisingly cautious about what merchant targets they attack.

Ambush Frigate (Stock, but with the real price of a Stealth-Jump drive)
Launch (13.569 MCr list)
Ship’s Boat (17.829 MCr list)

10t Radioactives (1 MCr / ton)
10t Fusion Conduits (Adv Mach Pts, 75,000 Cr / ton)
10t Spices (6,000 Cr / ton)
2t Chemical Stimulants (Illegal Drugs; 100,000 Cr / ton)
2t Combat Prosthetics (Illegal Cybernetics; 400,000 / ton)
20t Air/Raft Components (Advanced Vehicles; 180,000 Cr / ton)
14t spare parts
15t of Advanced Weapons and Armor, consisting of:

  • Advanced Combat Rifle, Light [TL10; 1,000cr.] (x120)
  • Universal Light Autopistol [TL8; 500cr.] (x120)
  • Advanced Combat Rifle, Heavy [TL10; 1,300cr.] (x60)
  • Assault Shotgun [TL6; 250cr.] (x60)
  • Flechette SMG [TL9; 500cr.] (x60)
  • Gauss Rifle [TL12; 1,500cr.] (x48)
  • Accelerated Sniper Rifle [TL10; 1,200cr.] (x24)
  • Gauss Support Weapon [TL12; 8,500cr.] (x24)
  • RAM Auto-Grenade Launcher [TL8; 400cr.] (x24)
  • Anti-Material Rifle [TL10; 10,000cr.] (x12)
  • Infantry Support Plasma Weapon [TL9; 7,500cr.] (x12)
  • Plasma Jet Flamer [TL12; 15,000cr.] (x12)
  • RAM Support Launcher [TL8; 2,000cr.] [x12]
  • Advanced Light Autocannon [TL12; 1,500cr./37.5kg] (x6)
  • PGMP-12 [TL12; 20,000cr.] (x6)
  • Light Anti-Armor Weapon (Plasma) [TL11; 800cr.] (x240)
  • Improved Cloth Armor [TL10/5 Armor; 500cr.] (x250)
  • Torso Protector [TL9/8 Armor; 1,000cr.] (x250)
  • Lightweight Poly Carapace [TL11/12 Armor; 15,000cr.] (x150)
  • 4-Round 12.7mm Sniper Rifle Magazine: 240 (240 DSAP) [150cr. (DSAP); 36kcr]
  • 12-Round 7mm Pistol Magazine: 1,800 (1,800 AP) [15cr. (AP); 27kcr total]
  • 20-Round 12-Gauge Drum: 1,200 (600 buckshot, 600 HEAP) [20cr. (buckshot), 300cr. (HEAP); 192kcr]
  • 40-Round 3mm Flechette Drum: 600 (600 AP) [30cr. (AP); 18kcr]
  • 40-Round 9mm Rifle Magazine: 1,200 (900 ball, 300 DSAP) [20cr. (ball), 200 cr. (DSAP); 78kcr]
  • 100-Round 4mm Gauss Drum: 1,800 (1,200 ball, 600 DSAP) [40cr. (ball), 400 cr. (DSAP); 288kcr total]
  • 100-Round 6mm Rifle Drum: 2,400 (1,800 ball, 600 DSAP) [30cr. (ball), 300 cr. (DSAP); 234kcr total]
  • 200-Round 25mm Autocannon Drum: 90 (90 DSAP) [8,000cr. (DSAP); 720kcr]
  • 500-Round 4mm Gauss Drum: 240 (120 ball, 120 DSAP) [1,000cr. (ball), 10,000cr. (DSAP); 1320kcr total]
  • 6-Grenade Magazine: 288 (144 Frag, 144 HEAP) [2,700cr. (Frag and HEAP); 778kcr total]
  • 20-Grenade Belt: 72 (36 Frag, 36 HEAP) [9,000cr. (Frag and HEAP; 648kcr]
  • 22mm AMAT Round: 360 (180 DSAP, 180 HE) [1,000cr. (DSAP), 1,200cr. (HE); 396kcr total]
  • ISPW Rounds: 240 [500cr.; 120kcr]
  • PGMP Magazine: 90 [500cr.; 45kcr]
  • Plasma Jet Rounds: 180 [120 cr.; 21.6kcr]

185,000 Cr cash & personal items.

825,000 Cr bounties on the pirate crew.

The mining post itself provided:
700t of smelter (1400 MCr list)
200t of asteroid miner, TL10, Semi-Auto (75 MCr list)
50t of basic machine parts manufactory, TL10, Semi-Auto (15 MCr list)
50t starship deckplate (2.5 MCr list)
62.5t of M-drive (31.25 MCr list)
100t of powerplant (250 MCr list)
200t of stateroom fittings (25 MCr list)

Your 1% cut comes out to 18 MCr. It’ll take your crew about three weeks to prepare all that stuff, which is fine, because it’ll be four weeks before your chartered Jump Carrier arrives to haul it all off.


Halvagor Juumanistra

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