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Machii Search

The Saga of the Machii: How to lose a Scout

The party, while working for Spinward Salvage, LIC, as freelancers was commissioned to search for the brand-spanking new Scout Cruiser Machii, which was overdue and thought to be in the Grant system! While on the search, the Party took it upon themselves to survey some asteroids, too. Which Spinward Salvage eventually sold for over 9000 MCr, and awarded a ridiculously generous 850-odd MCr to the party! Even with that payout, of course, Spinward Salvage can afford to pay cash for a brand-new fleet of ships, so perhaps they were a bit into their cups (they do seem to be looking for excuses to throw parties) when they decided to give 1% of the original value (rather than the company’s ~10% share) of the mineral wealth found to The Party. The fact that The Party’s find of the Machii and subsequent evidence of collusion between Salvage Factors and _Machii_’s builders, the famous megacorp Ling Standard Products, went a long way to making Spinward Salvage the preferred salvage corporation of the Imperial Intersteller Scout Service within the coreward portion of the Spinward Marches may have also had something to do with the massive payout to the Party.

Monetary payout: 854,011,943 Credits
Factions impressed: Scout Service (Spinward Marches), Spinward Salvage
Factions annoyed: Salvage Factors, Ling Standard Products (Jewell / Regina)


Halvagor Halvagor

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