Space Raj

Pirate Base Raid

Dicerolling monstrosity

1105-161: The day Dakka Solutions Group took out a major pirate base!
Total Skill Training Time Accumulated: 35 weeks

Thanks to some clever sleuthing by Boo, the Party discovered the Pirate base at The Site. You then spent a couple weeks a few light months away, confirming what was there! Which was totally pirates.

The pirates at The Site weren’t without protection, but they were rather surprised when three ships came out of jump close enough to start shooting immediately! They totally had a 9000t asteroid monitor! There was also a Type RG Assault Gunboat, two Zhdits escorts and a Shivva-class patrol ship! None of which managed to do much damage to the Dakka Solutions Group! Though that was probably more a result of them being caught by surprise than anything else. Still, you worked them all over well! The Shivva exploded when it tried to surrender, while the crews of the Zhdits ships killed each other when they tried to surrender. It was really fairly distracting. The Type RG and the monitor, however, had their powerplants fried! You didn’t find a lot of survivors, but you did find some! Which is more than you can say for most of the ships! It’ll take some work to get everything fixed up into a moveable fashion to where you can get them back to a real shipyard.

Type RG
Hull 0; Structure 4
M-Drive out of commission
P-Plant out of commission
Fusion Bay disabled
Sandcaster turret destroyed
Sensors: Destroyed

Zhdits #1
Hull 8; Structure 9
Sensors: damaged
M-drive out of commission

Zhdits #2
Hull 0; Structure 9
Sensors: destroyed

9000t Planetoid Monitor
Hull: 56/0; Structure 90/0
M-drive: disabled
Sensors: VAdv & distributed destroyed; VAdv & ISP disabled
8x Large Fusion Bay: 3x destroyed; 3x damaged
16x Missile Bay: 3x destroyed; 2x damaged
6x Particle Beam Bay: 1x destroyed; 1x damaged
6x Torpedo Bay (96 standard; 36 EMP; 60 bomb-pumped torpedoes)
18x Railgun Barbette: 4x destroyed; 6x damaged
18x Triple Beam Laser
18x Triple Sandcaster: 4x destroyed; 4x damaged
12x Tlatl-class Missile Fighters (10t) (Alien 4 pg103)
20x Dual-use fighters (10t) (Sup10 pg6)
Fuel Bowser
Light Horse-class SDB

On the ground, you found something very like a Class D starport! In fact, it looks almost exactly like a Class D startport! It’s in a dome, but it has 8x 400t landing pads, 4x 800t landing pads, and two 5000t landing pads. Also some fuel storage tanks (for 4000t of fuel), 2000t of warehousing space, and some other facilities!

Description Cost (MCr) Size
Standard Headquarters 0.5 15
8x Rudimentary Pad (400t) 0.32 160
4x Rudimentary Pad (800t) 0.32 160
2x Industrial Landing Pad (5000t) 1 2000
Fuel Storage Tanks (5000t) 5 0
5x Refueling Stations 0.75 50
2x Mobile Repair Rigs 4 200
Warehouse (2000t) 5 2000
2x Basic Loading Rig 0.3 20
2x Cargo Robot Team 0.6 20
Medical Facility 0.3 10
Security Office 0.05 3
10x Holding Cells 0.3 20
Interrogation Room 0.03 2
Investigation Room 0.03 2
CCTV Monitoring Suite (TL10) 0.15 3
Armory 0.1 1
100x Sleep Pods 1 100
20x Basic Housing 0.6 40
5x Standard Housing 0.375 25
Barracks 2 150
Dome equipment 48.42 -
Hydroponics Dome 0.9 300
Total 72.054

And what do you find there? That’s interesting, too! Nine jump-capable ships, plus six small craft. The ships all still have some type of cargo aboard, whether their original ones or stuff put together here is hard to say.

Ship Type Tonnage Source Value Owner
Large Freighter 2000t Sup2 pg44 584 Corporate
Type NA Naval Auxiliary 600t Sup2 pg76 227 Corporate
Type F-AK 500t 188 Corporate
Type T Patrol Cruiser 400t Sup2 pg118 258 Pirates
Deneb-class Modular Starship 300t GAS 3 LSP Modular Starship 95 Mercenary
Rhapsody-class Starship 300t Sup10 pg85 78 Private
Type A2 Far Trader 200t Main Rules pg118 51 Private
Type A2 Far Trader 200t Main Rules pg118 51 Corporate
Type ST Light Scout 200t Sup2 pg114 147 Pirates
Type 1C Heavy Modular Cutter 100t Sup10 pg10 35 Private
Modular Cutter 50t Book2 pg89 19 Corporate
Modular Cutter 50t Book2 pg89 19 Corporate
Bushranger-class Pinnace 40t Foreven Fleet Bk1 19.27 Pirates
Tanker Module 30t Sup10 pg10 1.4 Corporate
Tanker Module 30t Sup10 pg10 1.4 Mercenary
Fire Support Module 30t GAS 3 LSP Modular Starship 15.18 Mercenary
Senscommcon Module 30t GAS 3 LSP Modular Starship 33 Private
Salvage / Repair Module 30t Sup10 pg10 3.3 Private
Fighter Module 30t GAS 3 LSP Modular Starship 1.75 Mercenary
Fighter Module 30t GAS 3 LSP Modular Starship 1.75 Mercenary
Utility Module 30t GAS LSP Modular Starship 10.5 Corporate
Long Range Passenger Module 30t GAS LSP Modular Starship 4.8 Mercenary
Low Berth Module 30t GAS LSP Modular Starship 4.24 Mercenary
Modular Skiff 30t Sup2 pg12 9.5 Corporate
Modular Skiff 30t Sup2 pg12 9.5 Private
Cargo Module 20t 1.1 Private
Tanker Module 20t 1.25 Corporate

You’ll probably have to give them back to whoever owns them, but you should still get a finder’s fee for recovering stolen equipment & cargo (10% of list value, typically). And some of them may not have been captured by pirates, which would make them legal prizes, just like the Ambush Frigate. There’s unlikely to be any trouble about the ships you fought on the way in.

Then there’s the cargo. You found a fair amount of it!

Large Freighter Tons MCr List
Polymers (Kevlar) 350 3.15
Adv Vehicles (Mole Vehicle Parts) 100 14
Adv Weapons (Smart Missiles) 100 3
Adv Machine Parts (Starship Hull) 50 4.5
Adv Machine Parts (Navigation Aids) 50 5
Vehicles (Tracked Components) 50 1
Totals 700 30.65
Type NA Naval Auxiliary Tons MCr List
Uncommon Raw Mats (Tombac) 144 5.04
Pharmaceuticals (Prescription Meds) 50 5
Biochemicals (Cooking compounds) 30 1.5
Spices (Curry) 30 0.18
Petrochemicals (Gelid Adhesives) 20 0.4
Pharmaceuticals (Antibiotics) 10 0.25
Pharmaceuticals (Anagathics) 4 0.8
Total 288 13.17
Type F-AK Tons MCr List
Spices (Sage) 70 0.21
Crystals (Focuser Gems) 20 0.4
Uncommon Raw Materials (Titanium) 20 0.4
Precious Metals (Gold / Iridium) 10 0.75
Crystals (Quartz) 10 0.1
Uncommon Raw Materials (Magnesium) 10 0.1
Total 140 1.96
Rhapsody-class Tons MCr
Medical Supplies (General Equipment) 60 3
Medical Supplies (General Supplies) 20 1
Medical Supplies (Practitioners’ Tools) 15 0.45
Total 95 4.45
Far Trader No. 1 Tons MCr
Petrochemicals (Power Plant Starters) 40 1.2
Precious Metals (Beryllium) 10 0.25
Precious Metals (Platinum) 10 1
Total 60 2.45
Far Trader No. 2 Tons MCr
Radioactives (Weapons Grade Plutonium) 30 37.5
Pharmaceuticals (Surgical Drugs) 10 1
Pharmaceuticals (Antibiotics) 10 0.25
Radioactives (Fusion Cell Rods) 10 12.5
Total 60 44.25
Warehouse Tons MCr
Basic Consumables (Packaged Food) 700 1.4
Advanced Machine Parts (Fusion Conduits) 300 22.5
Uncommon Ore (Ilmenite) 200 1.5
Uncommon Ore (Gold Ore) 150 1.125
Precious Metals (Ruthenium) 100 5
Wood (Furniture-grade) 50 0.1
Petrochemicals (Machine Lubricants) 50 0.5
Exotics - -
Total 1550 32.125

The exotic finds are probably the most interesting — there are five of them. Two are previously undiscovered items, a plant and an animal species. Someone is likely to pay highly for them to see if they’re valuable. You also found some prototype technology and a prototype device, which the original company will pay well to have returned (or a rival will pay well to acquire).

There’s also an Ancient artifact.


Halvagor Halvagor

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