20t Firebolt-class Light Fighter

Firebolt-class Light Fighter
Tech Level 11

A relatively low-tech, long-endurance fighter that still manages to pack a heavy punch, the Firebolt design is expected to enter service with Glira Divoni militaries in the next 18 months. While many fighters are designed for short-duration high-speed operations and of a relatively flimsy construction, the Firebolt takes another path: heavy armor, relatively low-acceleration (though still faster than any jump-capable spacecraft) but with a weapon able to damage any fighter (or spacecraft), and to patrol (with two pilots) for up to a week at a time. This unusual design would not be the most efficient for most carriers, but the Firebolt is intended to be used for in-system patrol, not equipping jump carriers (which Glira Divoni doesn’t possess). It should be an effective counter to pirates and raiders, however.

Description Tons MCr. Notes
Hull: 20t 1.2 Hull: 0, Structure: 1
Configuration: Standard
Armor: CrystalIron: 2.5 0.6 10 points
M-Drive: 3.5 8 7-G
P-Plant: 3 6
P-Plant Fuel: 0.75 1 week
Bridge: 1.5 0.1 SIngle Cockpit
Sensors: 2 1 +0 Basic Mil
Computer: 0.16 Model 2 Rating 10
Software: Fire Control/2: 4 Rating 10
Cabin Space: 1.5 0.075
Plasma Barbette 5 5 3d6+5 Medium
Cargo: 0.25
Total: 20 26.135

Life Support Costs:
Maintenance Costs:

20t Firebolt-class Light Fighter

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