30t Inferno-class Light Fighter

Inferno-class Patrol Fighter
Tech Level 11

A heavy patrol fighter (rather than a carrier-mounted fleet interceptor/fighter, as Glira Divoni currently has no jump-capable carriers) the Inferno is intended for in-system anti-piracy patrols, and as such the traditional fighter priorities of speed and cheapness were not the governing factors of the design. Instead, the Inferno carries extremely heavy armor, moderate engines and a heavy plasma cannon, as well as 2 pilots able to operate the fighter in shifts for up to two weeks. Furthermore, the fighter takes the unusual step of including repair drones, which are expected to assist the not-on-shift pilot in repairing battle damage, keeping these fighters in the action longer.

Description Tons MCr. Notes
Hull: 30t 1.3
Configuration: Standard
Armor: CrystalIron: 4.125 0.715 11 points
M-Drive: 6 14 8-G
P-Plant: 5.1 9
P-Plant Fuel: 2
Bridge: 3 0.15 Control Cabin
Sensors: 2 1 +0 Basic Mil
Computer: 0.16 Model-2 Rating 15
Software: Fire Control/2: 4 Rating 10
Cabin: 1.5 0.075 1 Extra Pilot
Escape Pods: 0.5 0.1 1 Pod
Drones: Repair 0.3 0.06 Repair Drones
Plasma Barbette 5 5 3d6+5 Medium Range
Cargo: 0.475
Total: 30 35.56

Life Support Cost:
Maintenance Cost:

30t Inferno-class Light Fighter

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