Fuel Bowser

100t Scuttlebutt-class Fuel Bowser
Tech Level 12

Ships need fuel. Many can get it themselves, but others cannot, and require other ships to bring it to them. Often, these other ships take the form of a small craft; many a modular cutter spends its entire service life with a Tanker module attached and does nothing but carry fuel for other ships. The Scuttlebutt-class Fuel Bowser is a purpose-built military tanker, able to carry and refine 60 tons of fuel at a time.

The Scuttlebutt carries 6 points of crystaliron armor, as one of the best times to attack a fleet is while it is fueling, and even tankers need some protection under those circumstances. This level of armor is sufficient to protect against most missiles, and the lone dual turret typically carries sandcasters to mitigate the effectiveness of lasers, improving the odds of these poor little ships for surviving.

Typical crew for the Scuttlebutt is a pilot and an engineer.

Description Tons MCr. Notes
Hull: 100t 2 Hull 2; Structure 2
Configuration: Streamlined 0.2 Free fuel scoop
Armor: CrystalIron 7.5 0.66 6 points
M-Drive: 2 4 2-G
P-Plant: TL11 4 8 TL11
P-Plant Fuel 1 4 weeks
Excess Fuel 60
Fuel Processors 3 0.15 60 tons/day
Bridge 10 0.5
Sensors 1 0.05 Basic Civilian
Computer 0.16 Model-2; Rating 10
Software: Intellect/0 1 Rating 10
Software: Evade/1 1 Rating 10
Stateroom: Double 4 0.5 1x stateroom
Escape Pods 0.5 0.1 1x pod
UNREP Equipment 3 0.15 60 tons / hour transfer
Twin Turret 1 1 Twin Sandcaster
Sandcaster Magazine 2 20 barrels / launcher
Cargo 1
Total: 100 17.523 10% Discount (19.47 original)

Life Support Cost: 3000 / month
Maintenance Cost: 1500 / month
Crew salary: 10,000 / month

Fuel Bowser

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