Gundam System

Gundam System: Your Own Slice of the Spinward Marches

A minor, out of the way and unclaimed location in neutral space between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate, Gundam System was a perfectly forgettable place. There’s a reason why it wasn’t developed over the last thousand years: it’s not a particularly attractive system.

Located in Jewell Subsector, on the Spinward-Coreward strand of the Spinward Main, Gundam (formerly known as 871-438) is on the border where Jewell, Villis, Lanth and Regina subsectors meet, only two parsecs from the Subsector Navy base at Extolay (in Villis) and four parsecs from Regina; it’s not so much remote as not really on the way to any particular location.

The system itself consists of five rockball or iceball worlds, two gas giants, two asteroid belts, and an Oort Cloud.

Orbit Name UWP Notes
1 Aila X-5B8000-0
2 Christina X-6D4000-0 Cytherean world (Venus-like), very high atmospheric pressure; trace gasses in the upper atmosphere give it a red hue
3 Rinko E-722000-0 Mainworld, though it’s not terribly habitable. Infrequent occupation by bandits & smugglers has left a few scorched fields as landing zones, but no other development
3 Takeshi X-200000-0 Rinko’s moon
4 Asteroid Belt Metal-poor; average asteroid here gives 1/3 the output of a standard asteroid belt
4 Emma X-000000-0 Largest asteroid in the inward belt
5 Mirai Gas Giant Inner gas giant; large moon system
5 White Base D-313000-0 Former hidden pirate base, attacked, captured and occupied by Dakka Solutions Group 1105-163
5 Quess X-100000-0 Small rocky / icy moon that shows considerable evidence of having been used as a weapons range by the former occupants of White Base
6 Asteroid Belt Metal-poor; average asteroid here gives only 1/4 the output of a standard asteroid belt
6 Frau X-000000-0 Largest asteroid of the outward belt, this asteroid has surprisingly captured a number of rogue asteroids that now orbit around it
7 Karen X-538000-0 Ice-covered world that shows signs of warm, liquid oceans underneath
8 Kati X-4A4000-0 A cold world that nevertheless seems to have a certain charm about it. Despite the exotic ammonia oceans!
8 Patrick X-100000-0 Small moon of Kati that has an very eccentric orbit, seemingly always about to crash or fly off into space, yet never quite.
9 Murrue Gas Giant Outer gas giant; substantial moon system, but fewer than Mirai
9 Shinn X-200000-0 Moon of Murrue; tidally-locked, it displays easily the largest measure of seismic activity in the system, with large fractures and constant vulcanism.

Gundam System

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