Industrial Ship

Astradyne LIC Fujiyama-class Industrial Ship
Tech Level 12

The Fujiyama-class industrial ships are a monument, for good and ill, to shameless economizing. Built on a big-bellied variant of the hull used by Shangri-La and Xanadu tenders, the Fujiyama intended to operate in tandem with a mining flotilla and devour the tailings it creates, processing less profitable ores into a state where it is feasible to profitably transport them to market.

At the heart of the Fujiyama is a massive industrial smelter, massing 760 tons, and capable of refining the entire 151-ton tailings pile of Common Ore produced everyday by the standard Astradyne mining flotilla of two Shangri-La mining tenders and their guardian Xanadu SDB tender. An on-board machine shop cum mini-factory converts some of the refined ores into useful industrial components, in-sourcing some of the flotilla’s spare parts and adding a modest additional revenue stream. While not as great a moneymaker as direction extraction, the Fujiyama easily pays for itself and reduces a mining flotilla’s logistical tail.

Beyond the massive oven in its gullet, the Fujiyama is little different than the Shangri-La. It is operated primarily by medium-to-large mining corporations operating in well-developed areas, where its in situ resource conversion saves on headaches with local authorities about large tailings clouds. A Fujiyama is typically crewed by a captain, navigator, 3 pilots, 4 engineers, 10 gunners, and 15 facilities crew,

Description Tons MCr Notes
Hull: 1,600-ton N/A 160 Hull 32, Structure 32
Config: Streamlined N/A 16
Armor: Crystaliron 120 48 6 points of Armor
P-Plant: Class-N 40 104 TL12; 26t/12 weeks of fuel
M-Drive: Class-N 25 52 Tn-2
J-Drive: Class-N 70 130 Jump-2
Fuel (Jump) 320 N/A
Fuel (Power) 9 N/A 4 weeks of endurance
Fuel Processing 13 1.3 260-tons/day
Bridge 40 6
Main Computer N/A 2 Model 3 (Rating 15)
—Intellect N/A 1 N/A
—Fire Control/2 N/A 4 Rating 10
—Jump Control/2 N/A 0.2 Rating 15
—Maneuver/0 N/A 0 Rating 0
Sensors (Basic Civ.) 1 0.05 Improved Signal Processing
Armaments N/A N/A
—Triple Turret (PlG) 4 12 Pop-up double plasma gun [x2; 4 guns]; TL11
—Triple Turret (P-L) 4 8 Triple pulse laser turret [x4]; TL10 (Acc., HY)
—Triple Turret (Sand) 4 3 Triple-turret mounting sandcasters [x4]
—Sand Magazines 24 0.75 40 barrels per sandcaster
Ore Smelter 760 380 152-tons of ore —> 76-tons of raw materials
Machine Shop 30 6 Basic Manufacturing plant; 1 ton/day of Basic Electronics, Basic Machine Parts, and Basic Manufactured Goods
Cargo Airlock 2 0.5
Stateroom: Single 24 3 Single-bunk quarters [x6]
Stateroom: Double 56 7 Double-bunk quarters (crew) [x14]
Workshop 4 1 +1 to Repair checks [x1]
Library 4 4 Allows skill-training in jumpspace
Sickbay 3 1 Capable of treating 1 patient w/Auto-Doc
Escape Pods 10 2 20 escape pods
Cargo Hold 36 0
Total: 1,600 953.8

Maintenance (monthly): 80,000cr
Life Support (monthly): 40,000cr
Crew (monthly): 141,000cr

Industrial Ship

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