Light Boarding Craft

Light Boarding Craft
Tech Level 12

A heavily-armored 30-ton boarding craft able to carry a full squad of Marines to another vessel and help them force a way aboard. The shuttle has an on-board armory for storing the Marines’ equipment (handy when carried aboard a ship that doesn’t normally house heavily-armed Marines), as well as a boarding tube and magnetic harpoons to assist in the docking maneuver. What the design lacks is any sort of ship-scale weaponry – the shuttle was designed with the idea that the parent craft would ensure that the target is no longer offering ship-to-ship resistance.

While fuel for an entire week is carried, the living accommodations are extremely spartan, and the shuttle is really not intended for trips of that duration. Instead, it is expected that the boarding craft can make several flights from its host ship to targets before refueling.

Typical crew consists of a pilot and a flight engineer / gunner.

Description Tons MCr. Notes
Hull: 30t 1.3 Hull 0; Structure 1
Configuration: Streamlined 0.13
Armor: CrystalIron 4.5 0.876 12 points
M-Drive 4 9 5-G
P-Plant 3.3 6.5 TL11
P-Plant Fuel 0.75 1 week
Cockpit 3 0.3 2-man cockpit
Sensors Standard (-4)
Computer 2 Model-3; Rating 15
Software: Evade/2 2 Rating 15
Acceleration Couches 6 0.18 12x Couches
Airlock 1 0.2
Breaching Tube 3 3
Armory 3 0.75
Single Turret 1 0.7 Single Magnetic Harpoon (Signs & Portents 57)
Cargo 0.45
Total 30 24.2424 10% Discount (26.936 original)

Life Support Cost:
Maintenance Cost: 2000 / month

Light Boarding Craft

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