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Welcome to Space! It’s really big.

Not so big that you can’t make a profit, though! Or, at least, that’s the idea, right? You want to die by drowning in a swimming pool filled only with money.

House Rules

Party Organizations

Ship Stats

Mining Ships
TL Tonnage Jump Class Name Notes
12 100 - Belt Seeker 14t output; Prospecting
10 100 - Rockhound Kai 24t output
11 400 - Rock Crusher 168t output
12 400 J-2 Prospector Kai 63t output; Prospecting
12 1000 - Paradise 735t output
12 1200 J-2 Meteorite 105t output
12 3000 - Minecraft 2100t output
12 5000 J-2 Planetoid 315t output
TL Tonnage Jump Class Name Notes
12 300 J-2 The Damned 171.5t cargo
12 500 J-3 Type F-AK Freighter 202t cargo
12 1000 J-3 Type T-AK Freighter 503t cargo
Support Ships
Non-Jump Combat Ships
Jump Combat Ships
TL Tons Jump Class Notes
12 500 J-3 Hotspur-class Escort
12 800 J-3 Ceithernach-class Huscarle Frigate
12 1200 J-3 Huscarle Attack Transport 140 Marine Capacity
12 2000 J-3 Galloglaich-class Huscarle Cruiser
Non-Civilian Ships

Space Stations

Commercial Stations

Party Designs

Main Page

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