Mining Tender

Astradyne LIC Shangri-La-class Mining Tender
Tech Level 12

The life of a frontier asteroid miner is a hard one. It is one full of long hours, spent doing dangerous work that is liable to get the careless miner maimed (or worse!) and more likely than not to enrich someone else. And it must be spent far from home, in a potentially lawless wilderness, aboard a cramped and spartanly appointed mining ship. Were most small mining vessels not limited in their endurance by consumables, the industry’s suicide rate would be positively unsightly.

It was those concerns that Astradyne sought to address with its next-generation of mining tender, the Shangri-La-class. Like previous iterations of the concept, the Shangri-La is capable of hauling and supporting a small mining fleet, having been designed to haul and service a standard flotilla of six Rockhound Kais, two Skipjack shuttles, two fuel bowsers at Jump-1. What separates the Shangri-La from its competitors is the quantity and quality of amenities afforded docked crews, as well the wholly enclosed hanger in which maintenance can occur on multiple towed vehicles simultaneously. And while marketed as a mining tender, the modified and stripped-down versions of the Shangri-La have found a niche in the salvage market, where its ample external payload capacity and ability to haul over a thousand tons across interstellar distances are much appreciated.

A Shangri-La tender typically boasts a crew of a captain, navigator, 3 pilots, 4 engineers, 10 gunners, 8 hanger mechanics, 1 medic, and 8 facilities crew.

Description Tons MCr Notes
Hull: 1,200-ton N/A 120 Hull 24, Structure 24
Config: Streamlined N/A 12
Armor: Crystaliron 90 36 6 points of Armor
P-Plant: Class-N 40 104 TL12; 26t/12 weeks of fuel
M-Drive: Class-N 25 52 Tn-3 (1,200-tons), Tn-2 (1,800-tons), Tn-1 (2,200-tons)
J-Drive: Class-N 70 130 Jump-2 (1,200-tons), Jump-1 (2,200-tons)
Fuel (Jump) 240 N/A
Fuel (Power) 9 N/A 4 weeks of endurance
Fuel Processing 12 1.2 240-tons/day
Bridge 40 6
Main Computer N/A 2 Model 3 (Rating 15)
—Intellect N/A 1 N/A
—Fire Control/2 N/A 4 Rating 10
—Jump Control/2 N/A 0.2 Rating 15
—Maneuver/0 N/A 0 Rating 0
Sensors (Surveying) 10 10.05 Improved Signal Processing
Armaments N/A N/A
—Triple Turret (PlG) 4 12 Pop-up double plasma gun [x2]; TL11
—Triple Turret (P-L) 4 8 Triple pulse laser turret [x4]; TL10 (Acc., HY)
—Triple Turret(Sand) 4 3 Triple-turret mounting sandcasters [x4]
—Sand Magazines 24 0.75 40 barrels per sandcaster
Full Hanger 260 52 200-ton capacity enclosed hanger
Docking Clamp 80 16 300-ton capacity external docking clamps [x8]
Stateroom: Single 32 4 Single-bunk quarters [x8]
Stateroom: Double 60 7.5 Double-bunk quarters [x15]
Stateroom: Guest 60 7.5 Individual staterooms for on-leave miners [x15]
Workshop 6 1 +1 to Repair checks
Briefing Room 4 1 +1 on planning checks
Library 4 4 Allows skill-training in jumpspace
Sickbay 18 6 Capable of treating 6 patients
Recreational Facil. 12 1.25 12 ranks of Steward for accommodating passengers
Escape Pods 19 3.8 38 escape pods
Cargo Hold 52 0
Total: 1,200 590.9

Maintenance (monthly): 49,00cr
Life Support (monthly): 86,000cr
Crew (monthly): 168,000cr

Mining Tender

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