Planetoid Extractor
Tech Level 12

An unusual planetoid-based ship, the Planetoid Extractor (the architect had an unfortunate fondness for literal names) adds to its eccentricity by being an asteroid that eats other asteroids — it’s a large-scale jump-capable mining vessel. Best suited to working on large planetoid-class asteroids, this vessel is able to ingest 840 tons of asteroid per day (on average), and from this extract an even 315 tons of useful ore — 100 tons of which it can refine into higher-value raw materials.

With more than 600 tons of internal cargo space, this rapid accumulation of ores would make for an inefficient ship, so to boost profitability the Planetoid Extractor can jump 2 parsecs with up to 1000 tons of external cargo, ships, or other equipment, greatly increasing its cargo throughput and time-on-station between jumps back to a base to sell what it has consumed.

Because of this long time-on-station for the Planetoid Extractor, it also carries a 200-ton small craft hangar, which is intended to support some type of fuel tender, but can also operate fighters or even a smaller System Defense Boat. A doubtless-excessive 50 turrets are mounted on the design, making it an unappetizing prospect for most single-ship pirate and raider groups, but maneuver performance still prevents the Planetoid Extractor from seeing much use as a military craft.

Typical crew is 10 command staff, 3 engineers, 4 gunners, 3 service techs, 8 flight crew, 4 mechanics, and 9 facilities staff.

Description Tons MCr Notes
Tonnage: 5000 20 50/50 Engineering; 50/50 Main
Config: Planetoid 1000
Armor: Crystaliron 250 90 4 + 2 points
Jump Drive: 180 360 6000-tons J-2; 12000-tons J-1
Maneuver Drive: 75 35 6000-tons 2-G; 12000-tons 1-G
Power Plant: 120 240 TL11, Rating 2
Jump Fuel: 1200 6000-tons J-2
P-Plant Fuel: 80 8 weeks
Bridge: 25 25 2x 12.5-ton bridge sections
Sensors: 6 8 Advanced w/ Improved Signal Processing
Computer: 12 Core/3 Rating 40
Software: Intellect: 1 Rating 10
Software: Jump Control/2 Rating 10
Software: Evade/2 2 Rating 15
Software: Fire Control/3 6 Rating 15
Staterooms: Single 40 5 10x staterooms
Staterooms: Double 80 10 20x staterooms
Escape Pods: 15 3 30x escape pods
Full Hangar 260 52 200-ton capacity
Drones: Mining 240 24 24x Mining Drones, 840-ton intake / day (average)
Armory: 2 0.5
Engineering workshop 6 1 +1 DM to one repair check
Docking Clamp (300t) 60 12 6x clamps, 1200t capacity
Docking Clamp (2000t) 40 8 2x clamps, 4000t capacity
Library 4 4
Briefing Room 4 1
Medical Bay 12 4 4-bed sick bay w/ autodoc
Asteroid Miner, TL12 (automated) 84 42 840-ton intake, 315-ton output (157.5/94.5/47.25/15.75) per day
Ore Smelter 500 250 100 tons ore → 50 tons raw materials per day
10x Triple Turret 10 17.5 Triple Sandcaster
10x sandcaster magazines 60 40 barrels / launcher
10x Triple Turret 10 60 Single Particle Beam-10 (Accurate)
20x Twin Turret 20 35 Twin Pulse Laser-9 (Accurate)
10x Triple Turret 10 60 Twin Plasma Gun
Cargo 605
Totals 5000 1388

Architect’s Fees: 14 MCr.
Cost to commission: 1402 MCr.
Life support costs: 80,000 Cr/month
Maintenance costs: 115,700 Cr/month
Crew salary: 153,000 / month


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