Rockhound Kai

100t Rockhound Kai
Tech Level 10

Designed as a dedicated small mining craft, the Rockhound Kai managed three times the extraction rate of the original at half the cost, largely through eliminating the expensive and only mildly useful (to the bean-counters) self-sealing hull and radiation shielding, as well as through downgrading the engine and powerplant. The result is a much more cost-effective mining vessel that has the ability to rapidly transfer ore from itself to a container which it can dock with. Indeed, with only 5 tons of cargo space (typically supplies and spare parts) the Rockhound Kai requires a cargo container to operate with any hope of cost-effectiveness.

And cost-effective it is. This ship uses 30 tons of mining drones to provide it with an average of 100 tons of asteroid per day, which the ship’s on-board processor can turn into typically 20 viable ores per day. This can then be directed into the cargo container, which the Rockhound Kai can move itself (slowly) or for another ship to pick up and exchange.

Typical crew for the Rockhound Kai is a pilot / engineer and two mission specialists.

Description Tons MCr. Notes
Hull: 100t 2 Hull 1; Structure 2
Configuration: Unstreamlined
Armor: CrystalIron 5 0.4 4 points
M-Drive: 2 4 2-G
P-Plant: Fusion 4 8 TL10
P-Plant: Solar 0.5 0.05 Solar Panels
P-Plant Fuel 2 4 weeks / 16 weeks
Bridge 10 0.5
Sensors 1 0.05 Basic Civilian
Computer 0.16 Model-2; Rating 10
Software: Intellect/0 1 Rating 10
Software: Evade/1 1 Rating 10
Stateroom: Double 12 1.5 3x stateroom
Escape Pods 1.5 0.3 3x pods
Cargo Airlock 2 0.5 Allows fast, large-scale cargo transfer
Drones: Mining 30 3 3x Mining Drones
Single Turret 1 0.5 Mining Laser
Library 4 4 Ship’s Lounge
Asteroid Miner, TL10 (semi-auto) 10 3.75 100-ton intake, 24-ton output (12/7.2/3.6/1.8) daily
Docking Clamp 10 2 300-ton capacity
Cargo 5.5
Total: 100 29.439 10% Discount (32.71 original)

Life Support Cost (monthly): 6000
Maintenance Cost (monthly): 2500
Crew salary (monthly): 10,000

Rockhound Kai

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