SDB Tender

Astrodyne LIC Xanadu-class Paramilitary Tender
Tech Level 12

Intended to serve the needs of colonial militias and subsector navies, the Xanadu-class is the militarized version of the Shangri-La-class tender. Intended to act as a base of operations for a squadron of system defense boats, the Xanadu boasts greater survivability and armament while dispensing with many of the Shangri-La’s creature comforts and crew amenities. The addition of a command bridge and upgraded sensors also allow the Xanadu to coordinate the actions of its SDBs and function as a mobile command post, if needed.

The Xanadu carries a mission payload of up to 1,400-tons (200 internal/1,200 external) to Jump-1. Traditional configurations revolve around a squadron of four 200- or 300-ton SDBs being carried externally and various and sundry support craft being carried internally. To illustrate such, a recent tender to the world of Glira Divoni in the Trojan Reaches centered on a squadron four domestically produced 200-ton Terrier-class SDBs and twelve Firebolt 20-ton fighters mounted externally, with three modular cutters or comparable smallcraft and their modules carried internally. No matter what the particulars of the squadron is, however, the ship’s massive internal hanger is capable of handling one of the SDBs, making maintaining and repairing them much simpler.

While catering primarily to colonial militaries, the Xanadu also has its uses for mercenary and corporate security forces. Most often, mining consortiums operate a Xandu in conjunction with 2-3 Shangri-La or other, similar mining tenders, to make use of the command functionality of the Xanadu and centralize protection of underarmed non-jump-capable mining vessels. A Xanadu SDB tender is typically crewed by a captain, navigator, 3 pilots, 4 traffic controllers, 4 engineers, 10 gunners, 6 hanger mechanics, and 1 medic.

Description Tons MCr Notes
Hull: 1,200-ton N/A 120 Hull 24, Structure 24
Config: Streamlined N/A 12
Armor: Crystaliron 90 36 6 points of Armor
P-Plant: Class-Q 46 120 TL12; 30t/12 weeks of fuel
M-Drive: Class-Q 29 60 Tn-4 (1,200-tons), Tn-1 (2,400-tons)
J-Drive: Class-Q 80 150 Jump-2 (1,200-tons), Jump-1 (2,400-tons)
Armored Bulkheads (engineering) 15.5 3.1 Ignore first hit to M-Drive, J-Drive, and PP.
Fuel (Jump) 240 N/A
Fuel (Power) 10 N/A 4 weeks of endurance
Fuel Processing 12 1.2 240-tons/day
Bridge 80 9 Command; Hardened, Holographic Controls
Main Computer N/A 2 Model 3 (Rating 15)
—Intellect N/A 1 N/A
—Fire Control/3 N/A 6 Rating 15
—Jump Control/2 N/A 0.2 Rating 15
—Auto-Repair/1 N/A 5 Rating 10
—Maneuver/0 N/A 0 Rating 0
Sensors (Very Adv.) 6 8 Improved Signal Processing
Armaments N/A N/A
—Plasma Barbette 10 11 Single mounting [x2]; 3d6+5 damage; TL12 (High Yield)
—Triple Turret (P-L) 4 8 Triple pulse laser turret [x4]; TL10 (Acc., HY)
—Triple Turret (Sand) 4 3 Triple-turret mounting sandcasters [x4]
—Sand Magazines 24 0.78 40 barrels per sandcaster
Armored Bulkheads (weaponry) 4.2 0.84 Ignore first hit to weapon systems.
Repair Drones 12 1
Full Hanger 260 56 200-ton capacity enclosed hanger
Docking Clamp 40 8 300-ton capacity external docking clamps [x4]
Stateroom: Single 24 3 Single-bunk quarters [x6]
Stateroom: Double 48 6 Double-bunk quarters [x12]
Workshops 6 1 +1 to Repair checks
Briefing Room 4 1 +1 on planning checks
Library 4 4 Allows skill-training in jumpspace
Sickbay 3 1 Capable of treating 1 patient
Escape Pods 9 1.8 18 escape pods
Cargo Hold 135.3 0
Total: 1,200 648.82

Maintenance (monthly): 56,000cr
Life Support (monthly): 36,000cr
Crew (monthly): 126,000cr

SDB Tender

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