Skill modifications:

Gun Combat will be broken down into the following skills:
Slug Pistol
Slug Carbine
Slug Rifle
Energy pistol
Energy rifle

Supplement 4 (Central Supply Catalogue) added Slug Carbine, Laser Carbine, and Zero-G weapons. I find the latter two not wide enough to want to waste someone’s time training.

Rank 0 skills

If your character acquires a second copy of a skill already at rank 0, it becomes rank 1. The only ways this is likely to happen is by having it as a background skill from homeworld and then gaining it as basic training at the first career. Alternately, it’s possible to do this by switching careers and the second career has as part of its service skills a skill the character already has at rank 0, and the player selecting it again (to deliberately make it Rank 1).

Additionally, it is now possible to train a skill to Rank 0, requiring as many weeks equal to half of the character’s skill total.

Basic Training skill packages

Now, when getting the basic training package) (gaining all skills in the Service Skills list at your first career) the player may take two of them at Rank 1 instead of Rank 0. They may be selected by the player or rolled randomly (and if rolled randomly, rolling the same skill twice allows it to be Rank 2 instead of Rank 1).


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