Spaceship Construction

Starship equipment changes:

Power plants. The fuel required for 2 weeks of operation of ships designed with the spacecraft or capital ship rules depends on the TL of the powerplant itself, in accordance with the standards laid out in Signs & Portents #76.

What this means is that the fuel factors shown on the charts in the Traveller Core Rulebook (and the calculations shown in Book 2: High Guard apply to TL8 powerplants, and the efficiency increases for each succeeding TL.

This table shows how many weeks each TL of powerplant gets for the given fuel value shown in the ship construction charts:

TechLevel Weeks
TL8 2
TL9 4
TL10 6
TL11 8
TL12 12
TL13 24
TL14 50
TL15 76

Jump Fuel Jump fuel requirements are cut in half. However, it is standard practice for ships to carry enough fuel to double-jump. For warships, this is a requirement (who designs a ship that strands itself in a victory-or-death situation for every offensive move?). For civilian ships…it’s still the standard practice.

What does this mean? It means calculate fuel requirements for jump as per the rules, but you get two jumps instead of one.

Snifter (From Sup14: Space Stations)
This item of gear is deleted due to destabilizing effects on the economy.

Asteroid Miner (From Sup14: Space Stations)
The Tech Levels for the various types of Asteroid Miner are reduced as follows:
Manual: TL7 (no change)
Semi-Automated: TL9 (-1)
Automated: TL12 (-1)

Costs, crew and output rates remain the same.

Manufacturing Plant (From Sup14: Space Stations
The Tech Levels for the various types of Manufacturing facilities are reduced as follows:
Manual: TL7 (no change)
Semi-Automated: TL9 (-1)
Automated: TL12 (-1)

Costs, crew and output rates remain the same.

Smelter (From Sup14: Space Stations)
Smelters now have advancing TLs.

TL Tons Input Output Cost Crew
6 1 0.1 0.05 0.2 25t/1
8 1 0.2 0.1 0.4 50t/1
10 1 0.3 0.15 0.5 75t/1
12 1 0.4 0.2 0.6 100t/1

Station Configurations (Sup14: Space Stations)
Distributed configuration: -10% cost of hull; Armor cost +25%
Dispersed configuration: -50% cost of hull; no armor allowed

Weapons Modifications (Main Rules, Book 2: High Guard)

Weapon First TL Damage Range Cost Other
Pulse Laser 7 d6 Short 0.5 +1 To Hit
Beam Laser 9 2d6 Medium 1
Plasma Gun 11 2d6+4 Medium 2.5 -1 To Hit vs missiles
Railgun Barbette 9 3d6 Short 4 Ignores 3 armor, 4 w/ HY, 5 w/ VHY

These changes make Pulse Lasers good for point defense, while Beam Lasers are better for offense. Plasma Guns are clarified to be bad at point defense (while still kickass at shooting things bigger and slower than missiles).

Torpedo and Missile Bay Internal Storage

RAW indicates no internal magazine for Torpedo and Missile bays (unlike railgun bays). This doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, as it makes the only benefit to using these things the chance to get more missiles per hardpoint used. Henceforth, use the following scales:

Torpedo Bay Size Torpedoes Mechanism Tons
50t 12 20t
45t 12 15t
37.5t 12 7.5t
30t 9 7.5t
100t 24 40t
90t 24 30t
75t 24 15t
60t 18 15t
Missile Bay Size Ammo Tons Mechanism Tons
50t 20t 30t
45t 20t 25t
37.5t 20t 17.5t
30t 20t 10t
100t 40t 60t
90t 40t 50t
75t 40t 35t
60t 40t 20t

Crew Modifications

Engineers: 1 per 25t of drives & powerplant (formerly 1 per 100t)
Service: 3 per 1000t of ship (formerly 2/3 per 1000t)

Misc Items

Library: 1 per ship section required to give benefits for jump training.

Firepower Augmentation Equipment (From Adventure 3: Trillion Credit Squadron)
In other words, Point Defense Networks and Fire Control Grids.
These are useful, but really expensive and high-mass. So they decrease in mass with tech level, using the following scale adapted from the one for weapons:

TL-1 TL+0 TL+1 TL+2 TL+3
Tonnage 200% 100% 90% 75% 60%
Cost 150% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Costs remain fairly flat as the cost of the system is directly related to the tonnage, rather than being static. This means that both the cost and the size of a given system still reduce, and thus would increase the effectiveness of a higher TL squadron against a lower-TL one.

Point Defense Net remains TL12, 30t of ship per ton of equipment, and 4 MCr / ton.
Fire Control Grid remains TL11, 20t of ship per ton of equipment, and 5 MCr / ton.

Spaceship Construction

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