Starway Courier

Astradyne LIC Pheidippides-class Courier
Tech Level 12

A simple and cheap platform intended to faster travel across the Trojan Reaches, the Pheidippides is intended to move up to two waking souls and four in cryogenic suspension at Jump-3 speeds. The Pheidippides also can carry up to three tons of priority cargo, though more can also be stored in the event passengers are not being carried. While similar in conception to a Type X express boat, the Pheidippides boasts its own maneuver drive and the ability to haul up to 100-tons of cargo at Jump-2 on an external docking clamp, greatly enhancing its utility.

There is a sole crewman aboard a Pheidippides-class courier, a pilot/engineer, with fire control and astrogation being heavily reliant upon computerized assistance.

Description Tons MCr Notes
Hull: 100-ton N/A 2 Hull 2, Structure 2
Config: Streamlined N/A 0.4
Armor: None N/A 0
P-Plant: Class-B 15 20 TL12; 4t/12 weeks of fuel
M-Drive: Class-B 3 8 Tn-4 (100-tons); Tn-2 (200-tons)
J-Drive: Class-B 7 16 Jn-3 (100-tons); Jn-2 (200-tons)
Fuel (Jump) 30 N/A One Jump-3
Fuel (Power) 1 N/A 3 weeks of endurance
Fuel Processing 1.5 0.075 30-tons/day
Bridge 10 0.5
Main Computer N/A 2 Model 3 (Rating 15)
—Intellect N/A 1 N/A
—Fire Control/3 N/A 6 Rating 15
—Jump Control/3 N/A 0.3 Rating 15
—Evade/2 N/A 2 Rating 15
—Maneuver/0 N/A 0 Rating 0
Sensors (Basic Civ.) 1 0.05
—Triple Turret (Mixed) [x1] 1 2.75 Twin Pulse Laser (TL10; Acc., HY)/Solo Sandcaster
—Magazine (Sand) 1 0.01 20 drums per sandcaster
Stateroom: Single 4 0.5 Single-bunk quarters [x1]
Stateroom: Double 4 0.5 Double-bunk quarters [x1]
Low Berths 2 0.2 Cold-sleep facilities [x4]
Library 4 4 Allows skill-training in jumpspace
Luxuries 1 0.1 Enough ranks of Steward for 2 first-class passengers
Docking Clamp 10 2 300-ton external docking clamp
Escape Pods 1 0.2 2 escape pods
Cargo Hold 3.5 0
Total: 100 68.585

Maintenance (monthly): 5,880cr
Life Support (monthly): 5,400cr
Crew (monthly): 6,000cr

Starway Courier

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