Starway Trader

Astradyne LIC Four Winds-class Merchantman
Tech Level 12

If the Pheidippides-class courier was intended to be the sinew of the Trojan Starway, the Four Winds-class merchantman was to be its lifeblood. A utilitarian ship capable of hauling up to 18 passengers (8 waking and 10 in cryogenic suspension) and a hundred-tons of cargo at Jump-3, the Four Winds is a design capable of undertaking the day-to-day independent shipping activities that is the raison d’etre of the Trojan Starway. With the ability to haul up to 300-tons of cargo at Jump-2, the Four Winds is also capable of plying the space-lanes beyond the safe Jump-3 corridors of the Starway.

A Four Winds merchantman has a crew of five, consisting of a pilot, engineer, navigator, and two gunners. In combat situations, the navigator typically operates the point-defense turret, with ample assistance from the ship’s fire control suite.

Description Tons MCr Notes
Hull: 300-ton N/A 12 Hull 8, Structure 8
Config: Streamlined N/A 1.2
Armor: None N/A 0
P-Plant: Class-F 19 48 TL10; 12t/6 weeks of fuel
M-Drive: Class-D 7 16 Tn-2 (400-tons); Tn-1 (800-tons)
J-Drive: Class-F 35 60 Jn-3 (400-tons); Jn-2 (600-tons); Jn-1 (900-tons)
Fuel (Jump) 120 N/A
Fuel (Power) 8 N/A 4 weeks of endurance
Fuel Processing 6 0.3 120-tons/day
Bridge 20 2
Main Computer N/A 2 Model 3 (Rating 15)
—Intellect N/A 1 N/A
—Fire Control/3 N/A 6 Rating 15
—Jump Control/3 N/A 0.3 Rating 15
—Evade/2 N/A 2 Rating 15
—Maneuver/0 N/A 0 Rating 0
Sensors (Basic Mil.) 2 1
—Triple Turret (dual-Plasma Gun) [x2] 4 14 2d6+4 damage; pop-up
—Triple Turret (Mixed) [x1] 1 2.75 Twin Pulse Laser (TL10; Acc., HY)/Solo Sandcaster
—Magazine (Sand) 1 0.01 20 drums per sandcaster
Stateroom: Single 20 2.5 Single-bunk quarters [x5]
Stateroom: Double 16 2 Double-bunk quarters [x4]
Low Berths 5 0.5 Cold-sleep facilities [x10]
Library 4 4 Allows skill-training in jumpspace
Luxuries 2 0.2 Enough ranks of Steward for 10 middle-class passengers
Docking Clamp 20 4 300-ton external docking clamp [x2]
Escape Pods 4.5 0.9 9 escape pods
Cargo Hold 5.5 0
Total: 300 182.67

Maintenance (monthly): 14,640cr
Life Support (monthly): 23,000cr
Crew (monthly): 19,000cr

Starway Trader

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