Type F-AK

500-ton Type F-AK Freighter
Tech Level 12

The Type F-AK is a fairly standard Jump-3 freighter, able to carry 40% of its mass in cargo. Unarmored, the F-AK is reliant upon escorts for defense (the two twin pulse lasers are unlikely to frighten off many pirates) but is able to fuel itself the wild. These limitations mean that Type F-AKs are most frequently seen in the more settled regions of Charted Space, and most Type F-AKs are owned by shipping corporations of a certain size. Unlike many smaller cargo vessels, the T-AK is not really set up to carry passengers.

Typical crew consists of a pilot, navigator, engineer and 2 gunners.

Description Tons MCr. Notes
Hull: 500t 32 Hull 10; Structure 10
Configuration: Streamlined 3.2
Jump Drive 45 80 Jump-3
M-Drive 5 12 1-G
P-Plant 25 64 TL12
Jump Fuel 150
P-Plant Fuel 6 4 weeks
Fuel Processors 8 0.4 160t / day
Bridge 20 2.5
Sensors 1 0.05 Basic Civilian
Computer 0.24 Model-2/bis
Software: Intellect/0 1
Software: Jump Control/3 0.3
Stateroom: Single 24 3 6x staterooms
Escape Pods 3 0.6 6x pods
Library 4 4
Docking Clamp 1 0.5 30-ton capacity
UNREP Equipment 4 0.2 80t / hr
2x Twin Turret 2 3 Twin Pulse Laser
Cargo 202
Total 500 188.1 -10% discount (original 206.99)

Life Support cost (monthly): 12,000
Maintenance cost (monthly): 15,700
Crew salary (monthly): 19,000

Type F-AK

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