Type T-AK Freighter

1000-ton Type T-AK Freighter
Tech Level 12

The Type T-AK is a fairly standard Jump-3 freighter, able to carry just about half its mass in cargo. Unarmored and unstreamlined, the T-AK is reliant upon escorts for defense (the two twin beam lasers are unlikely to frighten off many pirates) and upon its parasite craft for fuel in the wild. These limitations mean that T-AKs are most frequently seen in the more settled regions of Charted Space, and most T-AKs are owned by shipping corporations of a certain size. Unlike many smaller cargo vessels, the T-AK is not really set up to carry passengers.

Typical crew consists of a pilot, navigator, 2 engineers and 2 gunners.

Description Tons MCr. Notes
Hull: 1000t 100 Hull 20; Structure 20
Configuration: Distributed -10 No Armor
Jump Drive 60 110 Jump-3
M-Drive 9 20 1-G
P-Plant 34 88 TL11
Jump Fuel 300
P-Plant Fuel 11 8 weeks
Bridge 20 5
Sensors 1 0.05 Basic Civilian
Computer 0.24 Model-2/bis
Software: Intellect/0 1
Software: Jump Control/3 0.3
Stateroom: Double 24 3 6x staterooms
Escape Pods 3 0.6 6x pods
Basic Hangar 30 30t capacity
Library 4 4
Docking Clamp 1 0.5 30-ton capacity
2x Twin Turret 2 5 Twin Beam Laser
Cargo 503
Total 1000 321.69

Life Support cost (monthly): 18,000
Maintenance cost (monthly): 26,900
Salary cost (monthly): 23,000

Type T-AK Freighter

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