White Base

Gundam’s Original Military Base

White Base D-313000-0

One of the moons of Gas Giant Mirai, the White Base itself is the former pirate facility liberated by the Party on 1105-161, in a battle that, on paper, should have been much more ferocious than it turned out to be, thanks in large part to the stellar preparation and investigation of the Party.

The base itself, when captured, was a fairly basic Class D starport; a dozen simple landing pads, a pair of larger ones, some warehouse space, a small barracks, an office building, and that’s about it.

This made it almost a perfect home base for Dakka Solutions Group, as it would be able to house nearly their entire flotilla simultaneously, and was otherwise effectively unclaimed and unsettled. That it’s technically outside the borders of the Imperium (while being only four parsecs from an important subsector capital) was a minor detail. The system is located on the Spinward-Coreward end of the Spinward Main as it leaves Imperial territory for neutral space before reaching Zhodani lands. While not a hotbed of piracy or other lawless behavior (there’s not enough traffic to support that), it is close enough to the Imperium’s portions of the Spinward Main to allow for easy patrols and other connections.

Grenada Spaceport (Class D) consists of the following facilities:

Description Cost (MCr) Size Notes
Standard Headquarters 0.5 15 No landing bonus
8x Rudimentary Pad (400t) 0.32 160
4x Rudimentary Pad (800t) 0.32 160
2x Industrial Landing Pad (5000t) 1 2000
Fuel Storage Tanks (5000t) 5 0 Underground
5x Refueling Stations 0.75 50
2x Mobile Repair Rigs 4 200 Repair up to 1000t ships; can be combined for larger vessels
Warehouse (2000t) 5 2000 Underground
2x Basic Loading Rig 0.3 20 Each can shift 1t Cargo / 10 min alone
2x Cargo Robot Team 0.6 20 Each can shift 1t cargo / 5 min with Loading Rig
Medical Facility 0.3 10 5 staff; operating theatre
Security Office 0.05 3
10x Holding Cells 0.3 20 20 short-tern cells
Interrogation Room 0.03 2
Investigation Room 0.03 2 6x desks
CCTV Monitoring Suite (TL10) 0.15 3 Interior / exterior spaceport monitoring
Armory 0.1 1
100x Sleep Pods 1 100 Sleep pod
20x Basic Housing 0.6 40 Studio apartment
5x Standard Housing 0.375 25 1-bedroom apartment
Barracks 2 150 40 Marines with armory & workspace
Dome equipment 48.42 - Covers all facilities
Hydroponics Dome 0.9 300 Food & Oxygen for 300 people
Total 72.054

White Base

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