Jackson Rennick

Once a Marine, Then a Salvager

Str 6 0
Dex 6 0
End 12 +2
Int 9 +1
Edu 10 +1
Soc 9 +1

Marine (Support)
Marine (Support)
Marine (Support) (Rank O-3)
Scavenger (Rank 2)

Skills: (16)
0 – Athletics
1 – Battle Dress
1 – Broker
2 – Engineer (Naval)
0 – Gun Combat (Shotgun)
1 – Gun Combat (Slug Rifle)
1 – Heavy Weapons (Autocannon)
1 – Jack of all Trades
2 – Leadership
1 – Mechanic
1 – Melee (Blade)
0 – Persuade
1 – Pilot (Small Craft)
1 – Recon
1 – Space Science (Robotics)
0 – Stealth
2 – Tactics (Marine)
0 – Vacc Suit
0 – Zero Gravity

Equipment, Defensive:
TL14 Combat Armor (16 Armor)

Equipment, Offensive
Gauss Rifle w/ RAM Launcher
Gauss Pistol

Equipment, Other
TAS Membership
5 ship shares


Rennick spent more than a decade in the Imperial Marines, fought in several notable small-ship actions, earning a battlefield commission for his conduct under fire during the Fourth Frontier War, and the second time earning a spot promotion and a big shiny medal while fighting against pirates. He’s a minor hero in a dangerous region, having spent all his military career in the Coreward end of the Spinward Marches.

Then he decided to get out.

Using his fame and military-trained skills, he started a salvage / refurbishment business, with mostly other ex-Marines on staff, as they are accustomed to traipsing through burned-out and battle-damaged hulks looking for things worth recovering. He was fairly effective at this, and happily accepted the Party’s offer for a month’s work at 1 MCr pay for him and a crew of 5.

Jackson Rennick

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