Publius Percival Cornelius Cunningham

Noblesse Oblige and all that

Str 6 0
Dex 7 0
End 8 0
Int 13 +2
Edu 8 0
Soc 11 +1

Noble (Dilettante) (Rank 1)
Navy (Crewman) (E2 → O1)
Navy (Astrogation)
Navy (Astrogation)
Navy (Command)
Navy (Command) (Rank O5)

Skills: (15)
1 – Admin
0 – Advocate
1 – Astrogation
0 – Carouse
0 – Comms
0 – Computers
0 – Diplomat
1 – Discipline
1 – Gun Combat (Slug Pistol)
2 – Gunner (Bay)
0 – Instruction
0 – Investigate
4 – Leadership
2 – Melee (Blade)
0 – Persuade
1 – Pilot (Flyer)
1 – Pilot (Capital)
1 – Tactics (Naval)
0 – Vacc Suit

Equipment, Defensive
Advanced Boarding Vacc Suit (15 Armor)

Equipment, Offensive

Equipment, Other
Estate (250,000 Cr) (1,500 Cr / month)
Stipend (1 MCr) (7,500 Cr / month)
10 ship shares
Retainer (Imperial Navy) (1,000 Cr / month)
Category 5 Weapons Permit (Restricted Military Equipment)


Scion of some minor nobility (but not due to inherit anything himself except aristocratic baggage), young Percival spent his callow youth trying not to be bored. That got him sent along on a research trip! During which he discovered…things. Things the Powers That Be among his family didn’t want to come out. So Percival’s allowance was raised and he was shipped off to the Navy.

He liked the Navy.

The Navy Life agreed with Percival; he just made the Fourth Frontier War, and earned a battlefield commission. That made the Family happy (not as happy as him deciding to stay in, however). And he performed well at his duties and so was promoted routinely, serving predominantly on sub-capital warships (especially Destroyers). Eventually, Percival, now nicknamed Wiley for his generally unorthodox but usually successful tactics, rose to command both his own destroyer and a division of four destroyers.

And then an officer with whom he’d had occasional run-ins over their careers got a position where he could put Wiley on the beach, and that left Wiley bored enough to get involved in some of Duke Norris’ & Naval Intelligence’s intrigues in the region, which is when he got assigned to work with some new heroes in the region, including an old friend: Boo Shido.

Publius Percival Cornelius Cunningham

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