The Gentleman's Express

The Gentleman’s Express Custom Gentleman-Adventurer’s Cruiser
Tech Level 13
One should give a man like Boo an opportunity to design, in his own words, a “cool ship”. It will, invariably, end badly. As is the case with The Gentleman’s Express, his own tribute to himself and his forthcoming Imperial knighthood. (And, maybe, a present for stealing a 10,000-ton cruiser from the Vargr. Maybe.)

Like many of Boo’s designs, The Gentleman’s Express began life as a drive-train. And as with most drive-train-driven designs, it is a masterwork in what is technically possible if one does not particularly care about cost. The ship can outrun almost everything with a jump engine and at least keep pace with most of the things that don’t. The vessel is also fairly well-armed and is well-enough armored to be able to stand and fight if necessary. Of course, if fighting power was one’s only requirement, a Ceithernach-class frigate could be procured for the same money and have an even more ridiculous statement about one’s penis than The Gentleman’s Express’s M-Drive.

What distinguishes the Express is its attempt to combine military-spec fighting power with the comfort and grandeur of a yacht. Capable of carrying the owner and up to five guests (four in individual guest quests and “a fifth in my bed, wink, wink,” in the designer’s own words) in opulent accommodations which have more than a whiff of Sindal to them: Plush reds and ubiquitous hardwood accents give the ship’s interior an Old World feel, even for those who don’t appreciate the Old Empire’s sensibilities. The ship’s garage includes a grav limousine, several GUVs, and a G-carrier, all of which are color-coordinated and have matching interiors. The discerning gentleman-adventurer never knows where he might need to appear or how many faces might need to be melted with a turreted fusion gun, after all.

The Gentleman’s Express has a crew complement of 34: A captain, two pilots, navigator, three engineers, six gunners, three vehicle crew, two vehicle mechanics, eight marines, and Boo’s household staff (SL12), consisting of his majordomo, secretary, chauffer, physician/physical trainer, chef, and bodyguard. Perhaps unsurprisingly, his sketchbook notes that the household staff should be predominantly female.

Description Tons MCr Notes
Hull: 600-ton N/A 48 Hull 12, Structure 12
Config: Streamlined N/A 4.8
Armor: Crystaliron 60 21.2 8 points of Armor
P-Plant: Class-T 49.5 180 TL13 (mass reduction; TL12 eff. (36t/12 weeks of fuel))
M-Drive: Class-T 31.5 90 TL13 (mass reduction); Thrust-6
J-Drive: Class-J 47.5 99 TL13 (mass reduction); Jump-3
Fuel (Jump) 180 N/A
Fuel (Power) 12 N/A 4 weeks of endurance
Fuel Processing 5 0.25 100-tons/day
Bridge 20 4.5 Holographic Controls, Hardened
Main Computer N/A 10 Model 5 (Rating 25)
—Intellect N/A 1 N/A
—Fire Control/5 N/A 10 Rating 25
—Evade/3 N/A 2 Rating 25
—Jump Control/3 N/A 0.3 Rating 15
—Auto-Repair/2 N/A 10 Rating 20
—Maneuver/0 N/A 0 Rating 0
—Library/0 N/A 0 Rating 0
Sensors (Very Adv.) 7 13 Enhanced Signal Processing
—Particle Barbette-11 [x2] 10 32 4d6+4; Accurate, High Yield
—Triple Turret (PG-13) [x2] 2 22 2d6+4; 2x Plasma Guns (Accurate)
—Triple Turret (Mixed-12) [x2] 2 6 Solo Pulse Laser (Acc, HY)/Twin Sand (Acc, HY)
—Magazine (Sand) 4 0.04 20 drums per sandcaster
Repair Drones 6 1.2
Stateroom: Boo’s Suite 8 3 Function as two Staterooms; SL12
Stateroom: Guest 16 6 Single-bed guest quarters [x4]; SL12
Stateroom: HH Crew 12 1.5 Double-bunk servants’ quarters [x3]
Stateroom: Ship Crew 16 2 Single-bunk ship crew quarters [x4]
Stateroom: Ship Crew 44 5.5 Double-bunk ship crew quarters [x11]
Armory 2 0.5 Contains guns and power armor.
Billiards Parlor 4 1.2 A rumpus room and den of manliness; SL12
Dining Room 4 1.2 Capable of seating six in elegant comfort; SL12
Executive Kitchen 2 0.4 Full kitchen capable of serving dining room.
Garage 26 5.2 20-ton enclosed vehicle hanger
—G-Carrier (TL13) N/A 8 Deteched G-Carrier; stats forthcoming
—Star Rover [x2] N/A 1 As GUV from Central Supply Catalogue
—Space Rolls-Royce N/A 3 Grav limo! Stat forthcoming
Library 4 4 Double-speed skill-training in jumpspace.
Luxuries 2 0.6 Steward ranks for all guests; SL12
Medbay 4 0.8 Capable of treating two patients
Escape Pods 11.5 2.3 23 escape pods
Cargo Hold 8 0
Total: 600 601.5

Maintenance (monthly): 50,110cr
Life Support (monthly): 66,000cr
Crew (monthly): 146,000cr

The Gentleman's Express

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